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SCENT 30ml.

Our Air Freshener is the ideal product for the elimination of bad odours. The pleasant fragrance with different scences touches is responsible for deodorizing the interior of vehicles, rooms, and any place of interiors where you want to use it.
Thanks to the active formula of the Air Freshener and the nanoplate particles, bad smells are things of the past. Just a simple one spray in the air to eliminate those unpleasant odours and replace them with a wonderful scenc aroma that will make you feel in a clean and pleasant space.
At NANOGO, we are concerned about the environment, so our Air Freshener is eco-friendly and does not contain ingredients that damage the ozone layer.
Fragrances are from natural sources.


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Product for refreshing and deodorising vehicles and rooms.
The product contains a high content of Nanosilver and absorbents of unpleasant odours based on zinc compounds.
Thanks to this product application guarantees long-lasting refreshment and protects against the return of unpleasant odour.

Shelf life 36 months.

Packaging: pre-order Bottle: 50ml, 0,1l, 0,2l, 0.5l, 0.75l, 1l.


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Application Method:

Spry into air or fabric.