NANOGO DETAILING LTD is a pioneer company of the chemical industry in the United Kingdom, we are dedicated to the manufacturing, wholesale and retail of all kinds of products based on nanotechnology innovations as life solutions. We have an extensive catalogue of innovative products and specially designed to meet the needs of our customers.

We work under the most important quality standards to ensure we offer the best products on the market. We have a team made up of the best EU chemical and scientific engineers to constantly raise the quality of our products and ensure realistic solutions that leave our consumers satisfied. We use only the best materials and machinery to develop the products that revolutionise the UK chemical industry.

We stand out as one of the first companies in the United Kingdom that offers these wonderful products for sale. Our research has allowed us to develop innovative solutions and products whose applications cover a wide range and offer results that stand out above our competitors. We work to revolutionise the chemical industry market and increasingly improve the way in which all the benefits offered by nanotechnology are used.

NANOGO Cleaning and Hydrophobic Coating
At NANOGO DETAILING LTD we are aware of the importance of taking care of our planet, as well as the great risks that production entails in the chemical industry, which is why we have set ourselves the task of establishing a working system that does not affect the environment ambient. All our products are produced in eco-friendly method, free of aggressive chemicals pollutants like chlorine or acids, that can affect our environment or damage the ozone layer. We use only materials and manufacturing processes that meet the standards established by regulatory bodies. For us, the protection of the environment is a full-time job, which is why we have become staunch defenders of environmental practices while adapting our production processes to combine our work with our desire to care for the ecosystem.  


At NANOGO DETAILING LTD we are dedicated to producing the best cleaning and surface protection products. Thanks to our hard work and the experience accumulated through years of refinement and research, we have been able to develop innovative formulas based on chemical compounds of the highest level, offering effective results that establish us as a benchmark within the chemical industry in the United Kingdom. Some of the advantages offered by our products compared to the main competitors are:
      • All our products are eco-friendly, free of pollutants that can affect our environment or damage the ozone layer. We use only materials and manufacturing processes that meet the standards established by regulatory bodies. NANOGO DETAILING LTD is committed to protecting the environment and our products support this decision.
      • We offer superior quality at a lower price than our competitors, also in addition, our products have a much higher price-duration ratio, which means that you will not need to use exaggerated quantities of product to obtain satisfactory results.
      • We use only the best materials and those that do not represent serious risks to the health of our consumers, for this reason, we manufacture products free of corrosive acids that can seriously damage your physical integrity.
      • Our products do not contain chlorine or any other agent that can cause allergic reactions. We make sure to use materials that do not threaten the health of our consumers, or that can cause serious problems for their health.
      • We are pioneers in the use of nanomaterials, thanks to our innovative production techniques we have developed active formulas that offer more efficient and lasting cleaning than our competitors' products. The nanosilver is the active component in most of our products, this amazing material gives cleaning and surface protection properties that guarantees better results than the chemical components used by our competitors.
      • One of our main innovations is surface protection. Thanks to advanced production techniques and the use of the best materials and ingredients, we have developed a form of protection that offers better results than competitive products. The chemical coating is one of the most outstanding advantages of nanomaterials. Thanks to the coating, the surfaces on which our products are applied are able to repel the vast majority of impurities, stains, pollutants and other elements that cause deterioration.
      • The coating gives hydrophobic and oleophobic properties that repel liquids and oils that can cause deterioration on surfaces. In the same way, it considerably facilitates the cleaning processes, this drastically reduces the time required to perform effective cleaning on these surfaces.
      • Most of our cleaning products come with pleasant aromas, this helps to contain, dissipate and eliminate bad odours.
The use of active formulas guarantees a higher concentration of ingredients per cubic centimetre, in this way the efficiency of the product is maximised without having to use huge quantities of it. NANOGO DETAILING LTD thinks about its consumers and that is why we have developed more efficient products with a better use ratio.


NANOGO DETAILING LTD is aware of the high cost of living and that purchasing cleaning products is often a difficult decision to make. To solve this problem we make sure to create products that offer excellent results without raising the sale price. You can save a considerable amount of money and at the same time get the best results, which only our innovative products can offer you. Join the new trend in the surface cleaning and coating industry and see for yourself what the best products on the market have to offer.

For us, your well-being is the priority.